Guitar for Grownups

David Kessem
Nomad Common House (map and directions)
Tuesday, 8:00 PM - 9:00 PM
01/23/18 - 03/27/18 (10 weeks)

In order to help caregivers learn their child’s favorite Music Together® songs on the guitar, we offer the Music Together Guitar for Grownups program. This program is offered exclusively to families whose children are enrolled in one or more of Music Together's parent-child classes and to preschool teachers whose classes are enrolled in Music Together. In class, students learn basic beginner guitar concepts, including simplified chording, so that they may accompany themselves and their families as soon as possible.

Classes are 60 minutes long and meet once weekly for 8 weeks in the fall, winter, and spring; guitar classes are not offered during the summer. Each registered student receives a guitar workbook; students must bring their own guitar, capo, and current semester songbook.