Interactive, New Parent (Babies) Music Class

Madeline Duffy-Feins
Your House (location info)
Wednesday, 12:00 PM
01/20/21 - 03/10/21 (8 weeks)

Your baby is musical, and this is a class for YOU! All children benefit from from early exposure to music and movement. Learn how to support your baby's development, meet other new parents, and expand your own musical repertoire.

The music activities and materials are specially designed for parents who want to learn as much as possible about music development in babies. Each family will receive a songbook, CD, and download code to access their music digitally.  Your baby will be looking at you, not at a screen.

We will begin with introductions to get to know you and your little one, followed by a 30 minute class, and concluding with an after-class social time to discuss what's important to you as new parents.  

Upcoming Meetings
01/27/21    12:00 PM Wednesday 01/27/21 12:00 PM
02/03/21    12:00 PM Wednesday 02/03/21 12:00 PM
02/10/21    12:00 PM Wednesday 02/10/21 12:00 PM
02/17/21    12:00 PM Wednesday 02/17/21 12:00 PM
02/24/21    12:00 PM Wednesday 02/24/21 12:00 PM
03/03/21    12:00 PM Wednesday 03/03/21 12:00 PM
03/10/21    12:00 PM Wednesday 03/10/21 12:00 PM