Here's what people are saying about Music Together of Boulder:

"Music Together® has had a wonderful impact on myself and all our children and it's been so much fun! It is top quality music taught by highly qualified teachers and in a way that is so welcoming and open you feel free to jump in and participate easily. We use the books at home to learn how to read music and to play our keyboard piano. It has given us plenty of songs to sing at random to suit whatever mood. Our children now sing a lot while they're playing. It's also given us a set of lullaby songs to sing at bedtime. Attending the semesters has also set me on my way to advancing my own music abilities in playing guitar and I'm now enjoying singing with our local chorale. I feel that attending Music Together has been one of the most valuable things we've done in raising our children." -- Hilary H.


"My infant son and I started Music Together during a summer session. At the time he could neither talk nor walk. Nevertheless I enjoyed the time and learned how to sing and have fun. By the next spring he was saying some words and one day out of the blue started singing a three-word song from the previous summer. I was amazed that it had stayed in his head. My son is now 2 1/2 and talking, singing and dancing his head off. I feel he has benefited tremendously from Music Together, which we could not have done without the scholarship program. A big thank you to those in the community who contribute to this program and to the Music Together staff." -- Caron T.


"I do not know where we would be now without Music Together. This may seem like an exaggeration, but I truly cannot imagine the past 5 years of our life as a family without about 4 years of attending a class of Ms. Jane almost every semester. At this point, it is clear to me that music and the joyful movement that comes with it is deeply embedded in my son's soul. He can lapse into song at any moment or dance anywhere when a tune inspires him. I do not know if music will be part of a serious study, career, or passion for my son, but I know it will be there to hold him when he is stressed and that it will be part of how he experiences and expresses joy. I will always look back fondly to our time in Music Together. I know that it was in those classes that I experienced some of the best magic of my son's childhood." -- Charina V.


 "We feel a sense of deep gratitude towards Music Together of Boulder. We are foster parents who have benefited from the Music Together Scholarship Fund. The scholarship allowed us to attend several sessions of Music Together with our sweet foster baby. Of course, she loves singing, dancing, and interacting with other children. However, even more importantly for us, Music Together created a cheerful space for us to bond with her through music. A big thank you to the talented and engaging Music Together teachers!" -- Sarah S. 


"We both enjoyed Music Together. In fact, I would say it is the best class we have ever taken." -- Karen H.


"Music is one of our favorite activities each week so we try hard not to miss a class or make sure we get our make-ups in. We appreciate having such a great resource right here in Boulder for Jackson's learning and development. I never thought my 18 month old son could sing at this early of an age. It's amazing and makes me a proud parent. (And my mom says my singing has improved since going to the class! That may be an even bigger accomplishment.)" -- Kerry W.


"Every morning, at an ungodly hour of when the sun just starts to shine through our windows, Cayden wakes up and within moments is a few inches away from my face, his first question of the day is always 'Is it music class today?' and for the 6 days out of the 7 day week he is disappointed in my answer, but every Thursday morning his face lights up when I say that it is indeed music class today. He loves music, and partly because we have incorporated it into his nightly routine after bath, we do nightly jam sessions with Daddy on our piano at home. Cayden absolutely lights up when my husband starts to play one of the songs from class, he seems genuinely surprised that it sounds the same and that's what I love about music - that it is universal." -- Christene M. 


"Music together has impacted our family's life in a way that has been life changing. Our family of four sings and dance's music together songs all day everyday. There so much variety in the songs that we never grow tired of them. I feel like its brought our family closer because singing is so fun and its a way to be silly and free together. My little one has become more and more confident with each semester. She loves to pretend to be the music teacher and lead us in singing at home. I think that we are a happier family because of music together!!!" -- Jen M.