Frequently Asked Questions

Hello Everybody! We hope you are enjoying your class and making music with your little ones. Here are some tips and frequently asked questions so everyone can enjoy a successful and musical semester.

1. Arrive Early - Allow time to find parking, use the bathroom/change diaper, remove your shoes, and chat with other grownups and kids. Come early and you'll never miss the “Hello Song”!


2. Snacks & Toys - We strive to make each classroom a safe environment for all. If a quick snack is needed please step outside to avoid any allergy issues and to keep the focus on the music. Please leave toys out of sight during class.


3. Why shouldn't I talk to my child or my neighbor during class? - We discourage talking so the focus remains on the music making and quality time with your child.  If you find you need to communicate during class try using your body language and facial expressions to communicate--or better yet, your singing voice!

4. I missed a class, what should I do? - If you are unable to attend a class please click here to log on and schedule a makeup. Makeups are available on a first come, first serve basis and are easier to schedule early in the semester. If you know you will be gone, you may attend a makeup before your missed class. Makeups are per family, so if you have more than one child enrolled they may both attend in the same spot. If you find that you cannot

attend your scheduled makeup, please cancel it so another family can use it. Makeups must be completed in your current semester and do not carry over.


5. What is your sick policy? - Please keep sick kids at home where they can get better.  If you bring a child to class who has "just gotten over" an illness please be conscientious and wash your hands before class and wipe all instruments that get wet with the alcohol wipes provided in each classroom. We follow a 24 hour fever- and vomit-free policy.


6. What is a Digital Download, and why does my teacher keep talking about the app? - Your songbook contains a code on the inside cover that you can use to access your music digitally. You can share your login information with relatives and caregivers so everyone can make Music Together® at home! Download the Hello Everybody app through the Family Music Zone and discover even more resources for fun family music making, as well as the complete sheet music notation for each song in the collection. Each semester there is a new collection with a new code, so all your Music Together songs will be in one place.


7. Can I take pictures during class? - We ask that you not use your cell phone (even to take pictures) during class! If you must take a picture of your little one, the play along instrument song is the most appropriate time to snap a quick picture. Please respect other families privacy and do not post any photos of other students in the class on social media platforms. However, if you do post pictures of your child enjoying Music Together songs please use the hashtag #MusicTogetherBoulder so we can enjoy, too!


8. What is your snow day policy? - We follow BVSD for any weather related cancellations. If they cancel classes, so do we.


9. Can I bring an older sibling to class? - An older sibling may attend class for a drop-in fee of $16. You may pay through the family portal, or the office will bill you.


10. Perfume and other strong scents- Our wonderful teacher Miss Betsy has a health issue that makes her extremely sensitive to perfume and other strong smells. We ask that you refrain from wearing perfume if you are in one of her classes. Thank you for your understanding.


We hope these tips will encourage a successful session for all. If you have any questions or concerns don’t hesitate to reach out to your instructor or email